Dodola, 19.12.2004

Member of a wajib group to protect the forest with "forest management" nearby Dodola

The Integrated Forest Management Project (IFMP) started with the technical support of the GTZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für technische Zusammenarbeit) in 1995. The project supports the inhabitants of the forest in the Bale mountains, provides training in forest management skills to farmers and teaches villagers, how to live with the forest.

The farmers are organising themselve in Forest Co-operatives (Wajib), which are responsible for "their" forests, providing overall management, cutting the dead wood and selling it on the market.

The wajib groups are a vital part of the Integrated Forest Management Project (IFMP) in the Bale mountains.

The IFMP is a technical co-operation project of the Governments of Ethiopia and Germany, which started in 1995. Its mission is to develop a feasible approach for the conservation of natural forests in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia, to establish new income possibilities for the inhabitants of the Bale forest region, and to conserve natural resources as a key factor in the sustainable management of agricultural potential.

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